Property Damage Claims and Litigation

The Law Offices of Spicer & Chambers, PLLC represents homeowners and businesses in disputes with insurance companies.  We handle all types of property damage claims, including hurricane damage, hail damage, water damage/flooding, fire damage, mold damage, and sinkhole losses.  Our property damage litigation practice is devoted to helping policyholders understand their rights.

Insurance companies have attorneys working for them and you should have an attorney experienced in litigating property insurance claims to level the playing field.  Property insurance companies frequently deny claims when coverage may be available to you.  Even claims that are paid are often underpaid, with the insurance company playing the odds that you will not pursue full recovery under your policy.

Property insurance companies may try to avoid paying your claim by explaining that they have investigated the damage and have determined that the damage is not extensive enough to exceed the amount of your deductible.  Property insurance claims adjusters may also tell you that the damage to your property was caused by something that you do not have insurance coverage for, such as lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear.  To support their denial of your claim, your property insurance company frequently hires professionals to examine your property and provide a report discussing the damage and why the insurance company is not responsible for covering the damage.  If you have received a denial of claim from your property insurance company you should consult with an attorney for an opinion on whether the denial was justified, or if the claim should be pursued.

Property insurance companies will also frequently try to settle your claim for less than the full amount of the loss.  Your property insurance company will provide you with a breakdown of what they believe the value of your property is, the cost of repairs or replacement, and the amount they have determined your loss to be.  Your property insurance company may even send you a check for the amount it has determined your loss to be without any prior communication or contact with you about your claim.  You should speak with an attorney at the Law Offices of Spicer & Chambers before cashing any check from your insurance company and before signing any paperwork.

Florida law provides that your insurance company may be required to pay for your attorney’s fees and costs incurred in handling and litigating your property damage claim.  We offer complimentary consultations to discuss your homeowners’ coverage and claim.  We handle property damage claims in all Florida counties.

Recent Case Outcomes:

Homeowner’s property damage case in Martin County against insurance company involving storm damage to roof: After denying the homeowner’s claim and offering no money to insured, case settled before trial for full replacement value of roof, plus attorneys’ fees and costs.