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Sandra Hughes

Sandra Hughes



Sandra Hughes began her career in the legal field in 1975 working as a legal secretary. She was raised in South Florida and went back to college in 1986 and received her Bachelors Degree from Florida Atlantic University in 1990. She was employed with the Law Firm of Robert Montgomery, Montgomery & Larson which enabled her to shine in her career. Sandy’s diverse legal background and participation in large multimillion dollar cases with Robert Montgomery and Rebecca Larson from the initial contact with the client through the trial and verdict process has brought much diversity to the Law Offices of Spicer & Chambers, P.A.

Sandy has been involved in the trial of such cases as the Estate of Barry Grunow v. Nathaniel Brazil/Valor Corporation which resulted in a $24 million dollar verdict; many medical malpractice cases with multi million dollars verdicts; automobile verdicts in excess of $5 million dollars; and products liability cases in the millions. She continues to assist Mr. Spicer in the organization, maintenance and control of cases, giving personal attention to clients and witnesses; and assisting in trial preparation and attending jury selection and trials.

Sandy is well known for her rapport with clients and her knowledge of the legal process. Her knowledge of the medical field, insurance coverages, and her ability to work with clients, peers, and associates in the field has brought personal appeal and professionalism to the Law Offices of Spicer & Chambers, P.A.

She is a member of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, now known as the Florida Justice Association since 1991, a registered paralegal member of the Palm Beach County Trial Lawyers Association and the Palm Beach County Bar Association.

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